Electric Skateboard Build Update

The skateboard decks have been made using our custom moulds and laminated plywood to achieve some really nice curves.

Smooth running electronics and motor test was a success! We are ready for the next phase: Designing and 3D Printing the box to hold it to the under-side of the board, and painting (or maybe epoxy coating is better?).

The battery pack has been assembled and today we completed the first test of the new wireless remote. We still have some set-up to do so that the built-in battery charge level indicator is correct for our battery pack, and some fine-tuning of the motor controller, but we have life!

esc_remote VX1_Remote_VX1_product_manual_-_20190316

Message us through Facebook, or contact us at Xamk… we’re open to all students who want to join in the project.