#1 Sharpen your marketing with laser cutting

18.3.2019  Workshop #1: Sharpen your marketing with laser cutting

Location: Paja (Xamk, Kouvola)
Room:  Paja Galleria, Paja Building
Time:  14:00 – 17:45
Welcome & introduction, Greg Ruthenbeck.
Demonstration & outline, Greg Ruthenbeck.
Group activity including focused work on needs of the company (promotional materials or prototypes) – students with companies.
Companies and students share findings and future plans.
Closing words; tips and tricks for continuing, Greg Ruthenbeck.

Will you be joining us?

Please register by 13.3.2019 http://bit.ly/popupschool_xamk.
Please email us your materials (see end of this page for details) by 13.3.2019.
Join us at the Paja Design Studios, at XAMK Kouvola to build prototypes and develop your laser-sharp marketing materials. We can help you to creatively prototype concepts using our design services and facilities.

Before the Workshop, let’s get ready!

We’ve collected some inspirational images of some of the kinds of things we can create together. Time will be limited, so we won’t be able to get too crazy. Simple things are a great place to start. Things like; business card holders, brand signage, drink coasters, small product displays (trays or racks), and branded (Xmas) decorations, customized notebooks, or fridge magnets, are a great place to start. Check out some of our previous projects here.

What will work?

To start with, it would be great if you have your digital materials (company logo and anything else that you want to use) in the right format. The laser cutter needs images/designs to be in a “vector format”. File type “.svg” is ideal. Vector images are needed because they describe the artwork as lines. Some common software to use includes Adobe Illustrator and (free) Inkscape.

You may find these tutorials useful for getting started with Illustrator, or with Inkscape.

Email us your files and concept by 13.3.2019

Please email us your files, together with details of the concept that you would like to develop, so that we can prepare for the event. Concepts could be “business card” and a description (sketches would be great too) of how you would like it customized, and what material you would like to use (wood, acrylic plastic, felt). More detail is usually better, but we can work on some of this at the workshop. If we have time, we may be able to do a second concept also. See you there! 🙂

For more information please contact:
Nicole Kahila, Project Manager
+358 (0)44 702 8564

The slides of the presentation used in the workshop are provided below: