Ideas for Laser cutting

All of these are examples of work done at Paja Studios at Xamk – Kouvola.


Laser-cut wood or acrylic plastic small plates around 25cm x 11cm in size.

Picture Stand or Business Card Holder

Notice that the picture is laser etched. This can be tricky to fine-tune, but gives a nice sepia effect to the image.

Pen or Business Card Box

Optionally you could add a cut-out or etching onto any of the surfaces. Perhaps a logo or branding text.

Fridge Magnet

Ornaments/Abstract and Drink Coasters

Notebook: Laser-Etched or Laser Cut-outs

The best design will win a Golden Ari
(sorry… just kidding)

We can make some really cool things with the 3D printers too. Let’s discuss your ideas at the workshop and see what we can do 🙂

Presentation slides from the laser-cutting workshop: